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    from Omaha to Aïn Kercha … they all know about me

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  • Hard as a ROCK

    Backed by Father Zakk Himself

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  • they call me Hank Boomer

    I play guitar, i write songs and work as often as possible to improve

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Under rated guitar hero

public never understood the real talent of mine as a guitar hero…  So i preferred to get my nose down and take it with humility. You know.

Ignored song writer

Ask about Boomer in Nasheville, and everybody will get you a beer ! Tell them you know me and they get you another beer ! Show them my number and you’ll get the girls around.

Talented photograph

I do photo … once again, big agencies decided to boycott my talent for some obscur reasons …  never mind … this website is my vengeance.

Old fashioned adventure lover

I traveled the world, i met odd people in strange places you … and back. My pictures are here to show the world how i see it.

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South Africa






Good videos on youtube

here is what i liked in youtube these days

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Hank videos

here is some youtube footage

A Smoking his cigar
J’ai demande a la lune
Townsman 53
Sailing to Oblivion