Country Music is simple stories

Rock'n Roll is about kicking ass

I try to do both

nice stories

with the right chords

When you listen to a song

you never know ...

where it takes you


strong like a tree

Heaviest than french taxes

My Story with Metal

Umberto Eco once said “Rock n’roll is an electric religion” … i agreed with him and added that Lemmy is our prophet ! Let me tell you how i found Metal or how Metal found me, same story. It all started with Back in Black.

Why I like Country Music

I discovered country back in 1995 music with Keith Urban (i was listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd for years but let’s say it’s not proper country) tanx to a very good CD sales man at Gibert Joseph music store on Boulevard Saint Michel.

What about my songs

I write songs since i’m 13 or 14. Sometimes i wrote songs i couldn’t even play (friends played the solo because of my weak ability to solo). I first started with Metal, then i switched to Country and I think i’m sliding tome some Country Rock material.  My first recorded song was called “the call“.

Hank Boomer in Nashville

Few years ago i decided to adapt some  Civil War texts and poems
into songs and music of mine. It started with “A Smoking His Cigar” and other songs come over, and over.

My project is to record them in Nashville with a band.

The great Family of Rock

I had the pleasure to meet and drink with some good musicians. I remember one day Father Lemmy told me he couldn’t come with the guys at the Pink Paradise (Parisian striptease club) because of a bad diarrhea. I remember Scott Ian avoided as well (he was with his lovely wife). I spent some good time with guys from :

  • Judas Priest
  • Everlast
  • Metallica
  • Motorhead
  • Urban Dance Squad
  • Ugly Kid Joe
  • Exodus
  • Anthrax
  • Andrew WK
  • Blackberry Smoke
  • Alkaline Trio
  • Black Label Society
  • Jimmy Eat World … etc ….

What makes a musician unique

This is damn good question !  A musician is unique, just like you and me.

I remember i said to myself few years ago “one day we will come to an end with music and songs”, as we would have created all the possible formulas.

Bullshit  !

There will always be room enough to original songs and riffs, depending on how and who plays the same notes.
A good musician should believe in himself and trust himself enough being himself .. i still try and fight to be myself as a musician.
Being inspired is one thing, but accepting ourself, our skills, our style and capabilities is another big thing.
I hope i will cop with that one day and leave my favorite musicians a step behind to find myself and be happy with him.
A good musician is a true person.

  • observation skills

    To write a good song demands observation skills. You need to be aware of what happens around you.

  • generosity

    Don’t be afraid to give away some feelings and personal feelings .. come on, don’t be shy .. we all liked U2 and Cindy Lauper slows. It’s ok.

  • grounded to earth

    If you’re a dumbass, chances to succeed as a musician are poor. Try to work on your observation skills (remember ?)  be grounded to earth and try to understand what really matters in life.

  • hard work

    Nothing comes for free, it has to be painful to be rewarded. you don’t work you lose.


I mainly play Gibson Guitars, for both acoustic and electric performance. Saying that I would say that I love all kind of guitars, all guitar makers provide its own vibes. My main point is in general, a guitar must be expansive and painful to get for sounding great.

Cheap guitars can look great but if you’re honest, you will admit you secretly know few things piss you off when you play them. But money is money  and when I can’t afford an expansive guitar I just wait to get the money get it. English gentleman say : “LESS IS BETTER” .. and that works for guitars.

What others say about Hank’s Music

“I thank god every day for the producers ignored Hank Boomer talent back in the days, they would have chose him for “Crazy Hearth”

Jeff BridgesActorThe Hollywood Reporter - December 2012

Boomer is a mystery … i wish he accepts someday to teach me some tricks, I think I can reach that level of playing if i work harder than I ever did, this man got blues and he got the balls”

Joe BonamassaBluesmanBroadway World - June 2014

Hank Boomer plays rock, he drinks whiskey and dresses like a prince, he should be president in his country, wherever it is.”

Brian JohnsonHard Rock Singer & Gentleman DriverRolling Stones - June 2014

“Well, we all try to sound like Boomer but I think I’m the only one in Nashville who almost succeeded.”

Brad PaisleyCountry StarMusic Row - April/May 2013

Wanna book a private show ?

Here are the things to know

not a question of money

I never wanted to be rich with music and that’s a blessing as the road would have been paved with pain and disillusion. Music is ok as a hobby. well if I can get a million out of it it’s fine for me.

it’s about Glory

I wouldn’t mind fame and glory … millions of fans all over the world instead of my 6 fellow musicians friends who politely “like” my contributions on soundlcoud or youtube !

So book a private gig

Impress your friends by booking a Boomer private show. You’ll be the coolest guy in the hood, the ladies will love you for generations and generations.