America is simply my favorite place

I enjoy each part of this country, from Texas to New England, from Des Moines to Portland, I like to drive and breath those open spaces. I also like this country because of a simple thing, they just decided to make it simple. A child molester or a murderer will spend his life in jail or be executed. I like that. God bless America and God bless death penalty. I also like the USA because most of its people welcome strangers without prejudice (well .. as long as you’re not a muslim) … They have muscle car for cheap price, lite bears that give you chance to drink a lot before you get sick, they do good movies, they have rubbish food but they respect cuisine. They are friendly and make good music (they produced Zakk Wylde bro, you can’t fight that) .. and most of all … they manufacture the best guitars in the world and there is nothing you can do about that as well …


Florida, Nevada and California

Those pictures were taken in those 3 states and i plan to visit more states in the years to come : Tennessee, Texas, Main, Vermont, Wyoming, Alabama, South Carolina, Oregon, Massachusetts … well, i definitely plan to spend some time out there.

wanna know more ?

My most interesting memory

sens of community

In general people in Europe would mock and denigrate american behaviors and sociology. How many time did i hear “you can’t have deep friendship in america, they are superficial” … oh really ? Well i dont expect a waitress or a colleague to be my best friend, i just want to enjoy a good human relationship in a specific slot of time. At least americans have a strong sens of their community and feel they have to be involved in their day to day business with their community. I remember i saw i San Francisco a car accident involving a pedestrian. I was in a cab and saw the people around organizing the area and the traffic in less than 2 minutes. They secured the zone and took care of the pedestrian. If this is being superficial, well, i swap it today against the european solidarity.

How to behave there

Be cool

  • avoid claiming you are a fanatic muslim (even if muslims there are well more treated than in France)
  • don’t mess with law or police officers they will shoot the hell out of you (and be rewarded for that)
  • don’t be too demanding with food if you’re not in NYC or SF (i would say Portland is quiet sophisticated as well)
  • bring me a trucker cap for my collection when you’re back