French Riviera

People here a quiet complicated to understand, this is part of the meridional behavior you have to deal with. You can like them, you can’t hate them, but you ain’t gonna change them. Beyond that, the region is just amazing. Mountains, sea, countryside, lakes .. mother nature is all around you out there and the cities and villages are fantastic to train your photography talents. You can’t help but shoot all the way.

Where to go ?

The must do’s

Nice is the biggest town in the region and it has an old quarter called “vieux Nice” , i call it the Christian Casbah because it is literally a Casbah. There are too many places to visit when you’re around : Valbonne, Biot, Saint Paul de Vence, Eze and its fantastic castle, Monaco for few drinks and good food etc .. i will add soon some in-depth page of advices.

the don’ts

you must not 

you cannot afford not to take care of your belongings, especially when you’ll pay for the ice creams in the Vieux Nice, pick pockets there are stronger than you.

in my opinion, the most boring place to visit in the region is Cannes which has no interest.

don’t cross a road, even at pedestrian crossings without checking more than four times … they will kill you ! especially those punks who drive the municipality buses and who are paid with my taxes. Those bunch of crap take it personally and are protected by the unions… they are licensed to kill you !!! don’t mess with them.