Paris is a nice city

… well i dont take too much risk saying that for sure. I enjoy spending time there and i always ask myself if i would be able to live there again .. i’m not sure tough. Like every big and busy cities, it is not an “easy life” you get there if you need to wake up every morning and spend more than hour in the tube or the traffic to reach your office. For artists, lazy people, annuitants or politicians it could make sens.

the does

some advice

gimme some time and i’ll be back with some good info

the don’ts

Be careful 

There are few things to consider traveling to Paris, i’ll tell you more soon.

My best spots

My favourite spots in Paris

  • Les Tuileries
  • some old town houses street in the 14th arrondissement
  • l’Île Saint Louis
  • and more precise ideas soon …