South Africa rocks

I spent very rich and interesting time in South Africa which is in my opinion the most beautiful country on earth (top 3) ; i travel there as soon as i can and like President Nicolas Sarkozy would have probably said “if at 40 you don’t own a beach house in Clifton you’re a crap”


First Time there

My first time in South Africa was a gift granted by my ex employer HSBC. I was selected to participate to a 2 weeks trip in the Kalahari desert at the Kuruman reserve to study the Meerkats (the colony you saw on the BBC) ! This program was managed and organized by Eartwatch and i can’t wait my daughters to be old enough to take them back there.

EarthWatch Website:



If you decide to take your kids at Eartwatch make sure you do not look for some Four Seasons stylish holidays .. the trip is made for people who want to be part of some science things .. you need to wake up early and forget about to wash yourself ! But you will recall it the rest of your life.

Skills Involved


  • open minded
  • cool attitude
  • curious
  • generous